Caption Contest

Carlton Schroeder sent this photo.

This is my brother Don's L shortly after it was rescued from the WI Northwoods in Fall 2008.
The passengers are Sailor (front) and Bud (back).
Don has done a great restoration job and now has all the body work and painting done.
He will be installing the rebuilt engine and trans this Spring. He is still looking for some used black leather seat covers.

  1. "Did he leave the keys?" Mark Knutsen

  2. "Sailor, Do you see what Don's doing?" Jerry Lindsay

  3. "Hey Bud, if you can stomp on the gas pedal, I can steer and we
    will go for one L of a ride." Bill Leahy

  4. "Hey Bud, who is the babe out in front of our ride? I'd say she is a real dog..........." John Lazenby

  5. "Aw, Cripes! It was just a little joy ride, and now lookit - they're handcuffing Don.
    He oughta tell them I was driving." Keith Boonstra

  6. "Don's really pissed about what we did to his new seat cover, isn't he!" Keith Boonstra

  7. "Bud.....damn glad he doesn't want the tan interior." Larry Jett

  8. "Hey, Bud, let's annex this as our new dog house." Dan Reitz

  9. Bud: Where's Don?
    Sailor: I donno. Wait! I see him down the road talking to someone.
    Bud: That's Uncle Carlton, you nimcompoop!
    Sailor: Nimcompoop? You're the one who ate the seat!
    Bud: They're running away. What'll we do?
    Sailor: Get out and push. We can catch up to them in this nifty 300!
    Bud: OK. But how do I get back in the car when its rolling?
    Sailor: Don't tell me you ate the door handle, too! Ron Kurtz

  10. "Can we go now?, "Can we go now?, "Can we go now?, Huh?, Huh? Ray Jones

  11. "He isn't bringing that Cat again is he? Look what he did to the seats last time he came!" Ray Jones

  12. too CooL Lab's Mike Laiserin

  13. These 300ís are real puppy wagons. Did you suppose those two poodles
    would like a ride in a real car? Rich Barber

  14. "Hey Bud, how come Don didnít go through the Drive-Thru for our Happy Meals?" Carlton

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