Chrysler 300 Club International
Fall Meet in Golden, Colorado

September, 2012

The 42nd Annual Fall Concours Meet was held at The Table Mountain Inn in Golden, Colorado, September 19-23, 2012. Hosts Marnie and Rob Kern promoted the Meet with the slogan, "COME TO GOLDEN...WE GOT YA COVERED!" Those who attended enjoyed four picture perfect Colorado days.

The host hotel was located in picturesque downtown Golden with vistas of North and South Table Mountain, the Rocky rountains and mesas.

Thanks to all who sent in photos, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy the many cars, people and activities of the meet. Thanks to Rob and Marnie Kern for planning and conducting an absolutely fabulous meet.

Our meet hosts, Marnie and Rob Kern

The Golden Colorado Meet Captured in Pictures
Cars 57C #1 People
Scenes Events Jeopardy

Photo credits: Rich Barber, John Chesnutt, John Cornfoot, Carol Cunningham,
Noel Hastalis, RJ Kern, Rob Kern, Jeff Miklas, Gloria Moon, Elizabeth Wieland.

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