Chrysler 300 Club International
Auburn Hills, MI

September, 2021

John Begian presents Terry McTaggart, Carol Cunningham,
Arnold Lueth, and Jim Bartuska with founding member awards.

Terry McTaggart and Carol Cunningham

Class I: C300, B

Mark Obermann, 1st place

Dave Steiner, 2nd place

Brandt Rosenbusch, 3rd place

Class II: C, D, E

Jeff Miklas, 1st place

Rob Kern, 2nd place

Randy Guyer, 3rd place

Class III: F, G

Joe Jordan and Randy Guyer, tie, 1st place

Bob Brown, 3rd place

Class IV: H, J, K

Wayne Simonson, 1st place

Greg Piche, 2nd place

Dave Dumais, 3rd place

Class V: L, Hurst

Jeff Bailey, 1st place

Joe Gross, 2nd place

Randy Guyer receives the meet host's choice award

Randy Guyer receives the best of show award
Don Cole receives the award for long distance.

David McCain won the Sport 300 award for his 1971 300

Mopar (pre-1971 non-300)

Dave Mason, for his 64 Newport

Former president Jim Krausmann receives an award for his years of service.

First place in the road rally; Don Cole for Jeff Miklas and Dee Miklas

Second place in the road rally; Jupei and John Hannon

Third place in the road rally; Spanky Cox, Rob Kern, Mark Obermann

Andy Mikonis presents Greg Piche with his award
for his K coupe after concours judging.

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