Chrysler 300 Club International
Auburn Hills, MI

September, 2021


C300 of Brandt Rosenbusch

C300 of Dave Steiner

Hunter Green 300B of Mark Obermann

C convertible of Jeff Miklas

C of Jim Krausmann

C of Marv Raguse

C of Rob Kern

C of Keith Boonstra

C of Randy Guyer

C of Arnold Lueth

E of Marshall Larson

F convertible of Bob Brown

F of Herb Grube

F 4 speed of Joe Jordan

F of Michael & Linda Burke

F of Steve Beard

Randy Guyer's F convertible

F of Allan & Gloria Moon

G of Andy Mikonis

G of Brian Frank

John Begian's 300G convertible

Bill Golling's G convertible

H of Joe Williams

H of Spanky Cox

H convertible of Joe Jordan

K 4 speed of Dave Dumais

K of Greg Piche

K of Murray Park

K 4 speed convertible of Wayne Simonson

K convertible of Jim Klein

Jeff Bailey's 300L

Don Cole's L

300Hurst by Joe Gross

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