Chrysler 300 Club International
Auburn Hills, MI

September, 2021

Emails from the meet
You arranged an awesome itinerary of activities for our convention. Everyone had a terrific time. You set a new bar.
Thank you very much.
Keith Boonstra

I hope everyone got home or will get home ok, we did. Great time, Saw old friends, met new ones. Thanks John and crew.
Steve and Sandy Beard

That was a mighty fine job, so thank you for all your hard work.
I heard plenty of good comments about each event you planned and lined up. For me, the expanded collection of Mopars at the old Viper plant was the best. Maybe there is a book available showing all the Chrysler Concept cars, but I saw plenty of new ones to me in that great collection.
Sure was great seeing everyone after all this time, and also great making some new friends.
Thanks again, Carlton Schroeder

Thanks John, Noel and Jamie for the wonderful meet. The museums were fantastic as well as the road rally and dinner cruise. I am looking forward to returning to Detroit again soon. I made it home in just one day even though I stopped at Watkins Glen for a few hours.
Mike Falcone I'd just like to add to the chorus of accolades for an exceptional meet, perfect to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Club. What John did to dial in the perfect weather I'll never know, but the formula needs to be passed on to future meet hosts!
Great to see everyone again after much too long. The memories are priceless.
Mark Obermann
I too must echo everyone’s sentiments about this meet John, Noel, and Bob Brown put together. For me, the Stahl Museum was breath taking and gave me some ideas regarding my own “shed”.
Thanks to everyone for voting for my cars for all the awards they won. It was over the top and a bit embarrassing, but I am honored to be among the large group of fantastic cars that were there. Also, my 300F convertible in the hotel lobby was something very special. How many times does that happen in one’s life? I sent a photo of it to my mom (94 yrs. old) and even though she can’t hear on the phone she called me gushing with pride and amazement. She thought that was fantastic.
The road rally was fun. Brent drove all 4 of us in the C-Biscuit and he had to pull over early on and tell us all to “shut-up” as we were all telling him to go different directions. Ha, ha, ha. But “how many statues were around the pond?” There were 8 in the pond.Winking face outline with solid fillHa,ha,ha.
I hope everyone got to meet my son-in-law Juan, and my long-time employee Brent who made my 2-car trip possible. I regret not introducing them at the banquet.
Being our 3rd meet Sally and I are getting more familiar with the club and its members and are finding a lot of fun and friends here.
Randy Guyer
Randy your cars deserved it ??. Although I appreciate a worn-in patina, it’s amazing to see so many beautifully done cars from lots of club members that really take you back to how impressive these cars were when they were new. I stood there imagining the impact they had in the 50s and 60s.
Kya and I, as newbies, want to thank the meet coordinators and everyone else too for their warmth and hospitality- we enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and we are looking forward to future meets and driving one of our 300s that are in progress (thanks for the non-300 votes!). What a great club- it’s really something special. We’ve been into these cars for years and now wonder why we didn’t join the club fun sooner. Next meet we’ll try to keep up with the late night partiers ??.
Dave & Kya Mason
Well Done John!
Julie and I want to thank you for a really great meet. It certainly served to rekindle our interest in attending future meets; our first being Denver back in the 1990s.
While we had many wonderful experiences our most significant event was walking into the hotel lobby and seeing the 1960 F convertible perfectly staged. Not expecting that, it was almost overwhelming. Thank you for all the effort that you and your support team put into making that happen.
Also we must say that the banquet and the location in the historic Pontiac Masonic Temple was an excellent choice. To come out after and see the display of Brutes under the street lights was just awesome.
And lastly thanks to all of the attendees we met for your warm friendship.
Marv and Julie Raguse
Perfect meet and well organized, after all the craziness of the past year and aside from all the beautiful cars it was nice to be with a bunch of people that only care about helping each other and the future of our club.
Joe Gross
Kathy and I want to second the thoughts of Joe. We had a great time. It is hard to pick out a favorite activity. With the Chrysler collection we got to see something the public doesn't have access to any longer. The Stahl museum was overwhelming. The boat dinner cruise was was perfect. But the meeting with friends, old and new, was the best.
I hope everyone got back home safely. Caravaning with Bob and Nancy Kelley to and from Wisconsin was great. I'd never followed a 300 F for about 750 miles before.
Brian Frank
A big thank you for our Hosts, A big thank you to those who granted my K 3rd place. Diane and I enjoyed the area, Old and New friends, and all the cars.
I am looking at a reworked exhaust system , vacuum advance, rebushed carb, and other noises from front left wheel. And the leaking gear box. Should be completed this coming Spring.
Dave Dumais
What a great meet! Congratulations to all involved!
Don Verity
What a wonderful time we had! This was our first meet and met wonderful people and saw beautiful 300s. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The Chrysler Heritage display and the Stahl Museum were our highlights as was the closing banquet. It was also enlightening to learn that an L wasn't a "real letter car". Maybe one day it will be grandfathered in (lol).
Jeff and Kim Bailey Boomer Sooner!!!
All meets are great. This one was outstanding!
We covered suburban, downtown, rural and river locations. The most diverse activities I can remember.
Our thanks to John and his team for putting on a great show.
Jim and Andrea Krausmann
I must mirror all the positive comments already made here. This meet is just about the best meet Bonnie and I have attended since joining the club. Everything was just first-rate: from the museum tours at Stahl's and the Chrysler historical collection to the banquet on the last night, it was flawless and awesome!
Bonnie and Rip
Our 2021 Fall Meet was a great time for all who attended. Host, John Begian, did an outstanding job in planning and organizing a wonderful Meet.
The variety of activities provided something for all to enjoy. For me, the tour of the Connor Avenue display of Chrysler related automobiles, both production and concept, gave us the opportunity to see cars that are not usually open for public display. The Stahl Museum was an experience that would have made the trip worthwhile by itself. I really enjoy pipe organ music and Justin made that Wurlitzer organ come alive.
Having that 300F on display in the hotel lobby was quite special.
Don Warnaar
We couldn't agree more . . . it was an outstanding meet and so appropriate for our 50th. A big thank you to John B and everyone who helped!
Martha and Mick Kreszock
Note: The Stahl Foundation posted photos of our visit, and the 300's in their parking lot, on their FaceBook page. For anyone who wants a good look at that amazing collection, check their Virtual Veteran's Event - a video walk-through accompanied by their Wurlitzer, including patriotic songs and "Amazing Grace", which they play at each closing. Great museum, great folks.
Thanks John and all members on the Reunion Team.
Our first time attending and we fully enjoyed our time meeting many members for the first time. Had an enjoyable Saturday with Terry and Tink McTaggart. Both the Stahl, and Chrysler Collection were fantastic as was the weather and Saturday Car Show. Heard the Dinner Cruse was equally enjoyable, as we both overslept and missed the bus. I counted 40 cars on Saturday and would that be a record?
Bob Kelley
Hi John, Noel and Bob,
Thank you for a great celebration of the 50th car reunion of the Chrysler 300 club. Great cars, great entertainment and great people. Thank you for organizing this spectacular weekend. We had a fabulous time. I enjoyed meeting Noel and he certainly has a love for the Chrysler and its members. He could tell us many details of the club members and the year , model, and color of each of the cars they owned over the years. Noel was our co pilot as we drove to the events and was informative and had great stories to share. So nice to be with him. Another wonderful couple we met were Tink and Terri McTaggart. They were so nice and Terri truly loved riding in our 300 F and he told us that they owned 3 of these cars over they years. We could feel Terry's love for the car because each time he got in the front seat he would look over at Bob and say its so nice to ride in this car. It runs so nice.
We could really feel his love for these cars. It was great to be with Terri and Tink and thank you for being one of the founding members of the Chrysler club and for sharing your memories of the past 50 years. So fun to meet everyone from many states. We loved being with everyone we met.
Thank you to Brian and Kathy Frank for being our traveling buddies. . .
Nancy Kelley
Waukesha, WI
I want to express a sincere congratulation on hosting one of the best meets I've gone to in my 44 years of being a club member. I have gone to many (not all) of the meets. I have hosted 4 myself and very much enjoyed this one.
As you know my starter decided not to start my"L" on the day of the show. I went to the show with the Moons and made it safely there (thanks Alan). The Mopar show that was there had vendors selling used parts. So I went to see if I could find a used starter and found 3 in one milk crate. The man said $5.00 so I bought all 3! I field tested them and found one good one that would work.
I want to give a special thanks to Rob Kern for the use of his trailer as a platform to change the starter. Jamie Hyde for doing the exchange, Don Verity for assistance. I have always noted that our club is willing to jump in and help anyone in need. I recall doing so when I was a younger man. Thanks to all that were there for support. Again a great meet!
Don Cole
Kudos to John Begian and 300 colleagues who managed to give us a fabulous 50th Anniversary Meet! The agenda was marvelous, the weather was perfect, the host hotel was very accommodating (especially allowing us to room with our 3 yorkies), the fellowship was as always memorable and makes you melancholy riding home, and the cars were eye candy! Marnie and I want to thank all who managed to make this a successful meet. We had a wonderful time.
We arrived home yesterday afternoon after logging in 2573 miles of hauling Mopsy. As Jim Krausmann says , “It is so much more fun to bring your 300 to a 300 Meet”! Many thanks to Don Verity for adjusting my transmission linkage. The car runs swell now. Thank you to my Road Rally team mates Spanky Cox and Mark Oberman for a neat time riding and putting our thinking caps on to come in third place! Piquette Avenue Ford Museum was extra special in that it was the home of the “Ford Letter Cars”! The Chrysler Heritage collection was over the top especially being able to ride with John and Jim and Bob in John Begian’s G and get all the inside Chrysler scoops! The Stahl museum gave me gooseflesh. Loved driving Mopsy for the road rally and being able to evaluate her performance and further tweak her transmission. Mark Oberman gave me the best compliment when he said he loved riding in a reliable Letter Car! The Detroit Princess cruise was enchanting! Dining with the McIntyre’s was extra special. The car show venue was great and the banquet was superb.
Congratulations to our new Club President and Vice-President! Many thanks for many years serving as club president go to Jim (and Andrea) for providing sound leadership. We were awakened at 5:45 am yesterday at our hotel in Catoosa, OK by our son informing us that our new grand daughter, Ella Violet Kern arrived ! Mom and Baby did swell and they all came home from the hospital late this afternoon! What a fabulous week it was! Forwardflooking to seeing Dave Coston’s newest 300 Club video. It was a privilege to dine with him and his son and grandson along with Noel Hastalis and Michael Falcone at the banquet.
See you in Greenville this coming spring! God has blessed our 300 family.
300’ly, Marnie and Rob Kern