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Jeff Carter and Phil Irish

Kim Stokes, Michael and Linda Burke

Jim Krausmann

Frank Atkinson and Roger Schaaf

Mike McKenna, Carlton Schroeder, Doug Mayer

John Lazenby and Terry McTaggart toe to toe

Gary Goers

Gil and Carol Cunningham

Tom and Dannis Cox

Ruth and Jim Eckert, Jonnie Slayton

Marnie and Rob Kern

Sandy Jett, Tom and Dannis Cox, Linda Burke, Sue Leggatt

Jim and Jennifer Lehman with Larry Jett

Roger Shaaf and Mick Kreszock discussing the B

Rich Barber

Ron Waters

Fritz Crombie and L Jett

Keith Boonstra and John Chesnutt

Gloria Moon

John Lazenby and Moana Steinberg

Ed and Angie Phillips with Tony Rinaldi

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