Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Dallas, TX

May, 2019


Our Meet Host, Rob Kern

Group 1: C-300, 300B
First Place: Royce Kidd, C300

Group 1: C-300, 300B
Second Place: Bill Allen, C300

Group 1: C-300, 300B
Third Place: Marshall Goodnight, C300

Group 2: 300C, 300D, 300E
First Place: Rob Kern, 300C

Group 3: 300F, 300G
First Place: John Begian, 300G convertible

Group 3: 300F, 300G
Second Place: Noel Hastalis, 300F

Group 3: 300F, 300G
Third Place: Tom Tibbie, 300G

Group 4: 300H, 300J, 300K
First Place: Wayne "Spanky" Cox, 300H

Meet Host Choice Award to Noel Hastalis, 300F

Best of Show Award to John Begian, 300G convertible

Long Distance Award to Marshall Goodnight, C300

Hard Luck Award: Bill Allen

Lifetime Achievement Award to Ray Jones

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