Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Dallas, TX

May, 2019

Emails from the meet

If you didn't make the spring meet in Dallas/ Ft. Worth, you missed a fantastic gathering. We had great activities, great food and an opportunity to catch up with friends again after a long winter for some of us.
Kathy and I want to thank Rob Kern for another fantastic meet. Somehow Rob bribed the weather gods to hold off with the rain storms until we were done with our NASCAR rides and again for our car show and for many of us, travel out of town day.
Thank you again Rob,
Brian and Kathy Frank
I could not say it any better than this !
Thank you to Rob , Noel , Gloria... all those named and not making it happen . Wonderful meet ... 
John Grady and Kathleen 
We concur.  It was a great meet. 
Good times, good food and great friends. Thanks again Rob, Noel, Gloria, etc.
Joe and Meg Williams
Thanks for hosting another fabulous event.  Martha and I enjoyed all the activities and spending time with all our special 300 friends.  
Mick K
We returned home yesterday after some other adventures.  The meet hosted by Rob Kern was excellent as always with great events, a very nice place to stay and a banquet that was over the top.
It was great to see old friends and meet some new ones.  It has been a long dry spell for us on meets but we are looking forward to doing it again.
John & Christie Lazenby
Also extending my Thanks! to Rob Kern for an activity-packed wonderful Meet. Great camaraderie among all who came! And, special Thanks! to Kai and Simone Rentmeister who joined us from Germany, to Tom Tibbie who attended his 1st 300 Club Meet, and to those who brought their Letter Cars - Marshall Goodnight winner of the Long-Distance Award driving his '55 300 from Florida, John Begian again winner of Best of Show with his black '61 G ragtop and coming in a close 2nd to Marshall in Long-Distance, and to all  the other Letter Cars.
John in his G and I in my F cruised together, and our cars ran great - 2,300+ mile roundtrip for me, and an added 400+ miles for John.
Noel Hastalis
Adding my appreciation and thanks to Rob Kern and the great support team for putting on another memorable Club Meet.  It's always so nice to see everyone again, meet new folks, catch up on the latest happenings and experience the fun and interesting (and sometimes high speed!) group activities together.  Congratulations too to all who brought their magnificent machines to the Meet, no matter the distance!  Truly impressive.
Rob, your ability to call in favors from the weather gods is amazing.  Thanks for keeping us dry when it counted most!
Mark Obermann
inDeeD, Rob Kern provided some thrills that were over the top.  170 mph in NASCAR coupes as well as lightning bolts hitting closer to me than I want to repeat, plus the Brazilian Steak House model had to be the result of some first class bargaining as I have never got away with a bill from that style for less than twice what we paid.  A tip of a 15 gallon hat to the host.....
Larry Jett
As usual, Rob outdid himself. Those who missed this glorious meet, will not likely to ever enjoy the things we did. From Dealey Plaza, to the restoration shop, to the wonderful car collection, to South Fork Ranch Barbecue and the exhilarating Hot Laps at Texas Motor  Speedway, only to conclude with the Brazilian Steak House  Banquet. What a wonderful  3 day collection of events for our members.
And on a  personal note, I will always be humbled by the honor bestowed on me with the Lifetime Achievement Award. I had  no words then, literally could not speak, so overwhelmed  with emotion. I was blindsided , Jo Ann knew and kept  it from me.   I thank one and all who were involved in it and hope I can continue to keep doing what I do.
Ray Jones
Meet Coordinator for many, many years...