Chrysler 300 Club International
Greenville, SC

April, 2022

Emails from the meet
A big thank you to Tom and Jim for the great meet. Good times, great cars, true friends.
Mick and Martha Kresock

I second that, especially the friends aspect....and the immediate bond one feels instantly with our brand new friends in SC. A real class act, especially the good people under and at that Fiat sign, and our meet hosts. They know their cars! Thank you so much.
John Grady and Kathleen Camerano

Agreed! Another meet with exceptional weather. Thanks to Tom, Jim and all those out of the limelight that made this happen. Well done and thanks.
Mark Obermann

I agree 100%! The meet was great and many thanks to everyone! Hope to make It to Pasadena in October.
Val Jeffers

What Southern Hospitality & Class By Tom Cox, Jim Benson… Thank you again.
While we were passing out awards in the FIAT (Fix It Again Tony) showroom, BMW erected a special sign paying homage and respect to our "Most Powerful Letter Cars In The World":
Tony Rinaldi

Thanks again for a great reunion. After 45 years a member I still look forward to go to the meets. I came with no car and I have a chance at two new (to me) cars. Maybe by the CA meet I’ll have a new ride. Thanks again for a wonderful meet.
Don Cole

Thanks to Tom Cox and Jim Benson and all the others that helped put together a great meet. I really enjoyed all the events and seeing everyone. Looking forward to California in the fall.
Mike Falcone

Kudos to Meet hosts Tom and Dannis Cox and Jim Benson for a SUPERB Meet!! The host hotel was fabulous and the agenda of venues was over the top! The car show was super and the morning breakfast next to the cars was a special treat! The car collections were amazing as well as their owners who shared them with us ! So good to have members of the 300 Club family together again! These folks are the Hosts with the Mostest!! Thank you for the memories!
Rob Kern

Aloha and thank you so much Tom and Dannis, Jim, Hennie and family, Paul, Dinky (spelling?), and everyone who contributed in making this meet happen. This was our second meet and it was so much fun! Great to see everyone again, spending time with you fellow club members truly makes it special. Cheers to 50 years and many more… 300’ly Forevah!
Kya & Dave Mason

Bonnie and I want to add our appreciation to those already listed. The Cox's and the Bensons sure did host a terrific meet. Their southern hospitality and the events they arranged were first rate. We need to get back to South Carolina more often!
Rip and Bonnie Ripley
P.S. We did finally arrive back home Monday evening (on a trailer) with our broken 300.

Barb and I have the same wonderful memories about this SC meet that so many others have described. Maybe the long wait for this meet to happen plays a part in those good memories. We especially enjoyed the wonderful weather. Our lake ice disappeared while we were gone, and it is now getting hard to find snow anywhere.
Thanks to our great hosts and we sure appreciate your meet planning work – everything was great.
Barb and Carlton Schroeder

Yes Great Meet! Think I'll go for the Fall meet as well!
Dr. Kai Rentmeister

Another thanks to Tom Cox for pulling together a wonderful Meet in Greenville and to Jim Benson for his hospitality! Touring the BMW plant was interesting. Really appreciated visiting Paul Ianuario's and Hennie Jacobs' eclectic collections and hearing their fascinating stories. Enjoyed Jim's collection - especially his '54 Plymouth 'showroom.'
Noel Hastalis