Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Mystic, Connecticut

 June 2014

* * The Cars * *
Page Two

300D of Dan and Diane Roy

300H of Jim Mikolajczak

300G of Charlie Corso

300E of Dave Larsen

Davis Morrison's ram K convertible

300F of Noel Hastalis

Tom Caruso's 68

The headlight dimmer "eye", a rare option on a 68 Chrysler.

Ron Water's Plymouth

Dave Dumais repairs a front brake.

300K awaits the driveshaft with a new U joint.

With no jack available, Andy Mikonis uses the curb to gain lift for a minor repair.
Andy drove his G from Chicago.

Len Hodgdon's clever battery setup on his 55. He has two 6 volt
batteries wired so he can start on 12 volts and run on 6 volts.

John Grady's Dodge Matador

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