Chrysler 300 Club International
Fall Meet in Newport, RI

September, 2018


Terry McTaggart, Rob Kern, George Haggarty, Jim Krausmann, Charlie Valentine

Joe Williams, Brian Frank, John Begian, George Zuk

Michael Burke, Jamie Hyde and Pat Cole check out a pair of WCFBs.

Some of the gang at Fort Adams

Some of the gang at the Beavertail Light House

Jacinthe Chouinard

John Hannon

Jim Krausmann, Joe Williams, John Begian

Mike Falcone, Mark Pauline Matthew Obermann, Jupei Hannon

Jean-Yves & Jacinthe Chouinard, Carol & George Zuk

Bob Weiland, John Begian discuss custom wheel covers

Mick Kreszock explaining the art of photography to Christopher Falcone

Jamie Hyde on the run

Charlie Valentine, Tony Rinaldi, Gloria Moon, Cindy Steiner tend to chores

Noel Hastalis, John Grady, Jean-Yves Chouinard discussing condensors

When Dave Steiner lost his room at the hotel, Allan Moon provided alternate housing

Andy Mikonis, Diana & Dan Roy

Terry McTaggart and Bob Weiland -- rock paper scissors

Jim Bartuska, Kathy Frank, Mike Falcone, Brian Frank

Carol & George Zuk, Jacinthe & Jean-Yves Chouinard

Don Verity, Herb & Julie Rogers, Sue Raaymakers

Bonnie Ripley, Andrea & Jim Krausmann, Rip Ripley

Dave & Cindy Steiner review Newport's pizza

Something you seldom see -- Doug Mayer with ice cream

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