Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Rohnert Park, CA

May, 2018

Emails from the meet

Kudos to the Jetts and Sam Cohen for hosting a fabulous Meet in Rohnert Park, California! It was a swell venue with great sites, activities, fellowship and food! Many thanks to Bob Jasinski for his A/V assistance and score keepers, Kathleen, Martha, and Linda, and our 9 contestants to make the 4th edition of LETTER CAR JEOPARDY! a success! Miss you all and Forwardlooking to being together in Newport!
Rob Kern
A giant thank you to Sam and Larry for hosting an excellent meet. A grand time was had by all.
Mick Kreszock
My first meet and it was just as advertised. Somebody (Terry) said, Ď for a while it was about the cars and then it was about the people. Now the people are family and itís all about the familyí. I canít make RI but look to see you in í19.
Theresa and Mark Love in Terryís 300 F and back in the desert.
Adding my thanks to Sam Cohen, with support from Larry Jett, for producing a wonderful Spring '18 Meet. We enjoyed our cruising in the Wine Country along the Pacific; our visit to Academy of Art University's School of Industrial Design classic car collection; our BBQ at Sam's ranch and admiring Sam's eclectic collection of cars that included several sweet Mopars. Best weather of the week shined upon our Thursday Car Show. Rob Kern produced and MC'd another great episode of Letter Car Jeopardy on Tuesday evening, and our Club benefited from a successful auction following our Wednesday Business Meeting. We made many new friends - at least 5 or 6 first-time Meet attendees, along with International members joining us from Australia, Germany and Sweden!
Though he didn't qualify for the Letter Car Long Distance Award, John Begian drove his beautiful '62 Polara 500 ragtop over 4,500 miles - MI to CA - arrived back at my place Sunday early evening with Jamie Hyde riding shotgun.
Noel Hastalis
Sam's absolutely jaw dropping car collection and hospitality at his ranch was really an awesome touch. Rob Kern's Jeopardy game was a great evening of fun, too.
Thank you so much for all the hard work by those two plus Larry and Sandy Jett for making such a memorable meet!
Gary Runkel
My thanks to Sam and Larry for a great meet!
I really enjoyed Sam's amazing collection, Rob's Letter Car Jeopardy and Bob's Turbine Car presentation.
My passengers on the coastal driving tour were Kai and Simone Rentmeister and their friend Martina, all from Germany. Kai is restoring a 1962 Sport convertible. They stopped by my house to inspect my 62 Sport convertible on their way to Yosemite.
I really enjoyed seeing all of the cars including the 1962 Dodge Polara convertible from Michigan. It brought back great memories of 1964 when I had my first H and my younger brother had an identical 1962 Dodge Polara.
Doug Warrener
I just wanted to put in my thanks to Sam Cohen and Larry Jett for all their work and planning in putting together a fun meet. It was so busy I had a hard time getting my voting slip in on time (Gloria will attest to that). Samís collection is really quite impressive and varied, from Airflows to Avantis to Letter Cars, not to mention a gorgeous í57 fuelie Corvette and í63 split window and thatís only a glimpse of what he had.
I canít make it to the next meet in RI, but will be at the Mpls/St. Paul meet in July 2019, and am looking forward to a 300 meet in my home town, the first I can remember ever happening there, really looking forward to that.
Bob Jasinski
Before another day goes by, we'd like to also express our gratitude to Sam, Larry and everyone involved in helping to make the Rohnert Park Meet a fun and memorable one. Many "firsts" experienced and interesting and scenic places visited. Glad we had a camera to capture the memories.
Matthew also has a new "300" buddy that he met (Veer) at the meet! Looking forward to seeing everyone in RI in September.
Mark, Pauline and Matthew Obermann
Many thanks for the Meet also from behalf of me and my wife. It was my first meet and I was overwhelmed by the fantastic program, your kindness and intense help. I sure will come back every 2-3 years.
Special thanks goes to Doug for letting us drive in his beautiful H and having a look at his mostly original sport convertible one day later. It gave me lots of inspiration for the ongoing restoration of my sport 300 and I could even buy some missing parts (that I didnít know they were missing at all before) later on my trip at the desert valley junkyard in Phoenix.
Kai from Germany