People at the Meet

The phrase, "We came for the cars and stayed for the people", is often heard at our meets. Here are some photos of some of the people at the Springfield Meet.

Photo Credits: Ray Jones, RJ Kern

Andy and Carole Mikonis
Jim Krausmann
Gloria & Allen Moon

George Terry

Christie Lazenby and Nancy Werner
at Bill Shea's gas station

Wayne Graefen, Christie Lazenby seated
and JoAnn Jones holding chair

Daryl Miller

Dave and Nancy Werner

Daryl and Rita Miller

Doug Mayer

Gil Cunningham
Henry Banach and Gloria Moon
Herb Rogers
Jim Bartuska and Tom Watson
Jim Krausmann
John Lazenby
Johnny Cline and Ken Krull
Michael Burke and Terry McTaggart
Terry McTaggart
Ray and JoAnn Jones
with the Lincoln family
Ray Jones
Dave Werner, Nancy Werner,
Rob Kern and Terry McTaggart
Roland Westra
Bill Shea, owner and operator
of the Gas Station Museum
Larry Thomas
Tom Watson
Jim Frank and Henry Banach
Diane and Bill Swanson
Wayne Graefen

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