"Full Jewelled" by Russ Hamilton

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Kiekhaefer and the Chrysler 300 in Racing

When we search the history of stock car racing during the years of 1955-1956 you will find the Kiekhaefer Full Jeweled Chrysler 300 dominated the NASCAR and AAA racing scene. These cars were prepared by car owner and engineering genius, Carl Kiekhaefer, who with a burning desire to win, regardless of cost, created championship-winning teams. This book contains the inside stories, as told to the author, by all surviving hired drivers who drove Full Jewelled Chrysler Race Cars.

Also included are personal interviews with some of the Kiekhaefer employees who worked on the cars at research on Oshkosh and Charlotte who told stores of working for and being fired by Carl Kiekhaefer.

Many drivers who had been beaten by the Full Jewelled Racing team have also told their stories.

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Reader's Review:

Chuck Schoendorf writes:
"Full Jewelled" is the book every Chrysler 300 and Hemi fan, 50's stock car fan, and racing historian of any sort has been waiting for. It was written for us. The book puts Carl Kiekhaefer and his whole campaign into perspective. Everybody has read and heard bits and pieces about Mr. K. but "FJ" puts it all between two covers and into clear focus. This book is a must own. That's why I just ordered five more copies for my car nut friends. To Russ Hamilton and Russ Truelove, the fans and I can not thank you two enough.

Doug Mayer writes:
Chuck Schoendorf writes a true fact in his letter in the latest "e-news" about Full Jewelled Stock Car Racing 1951-56 by Russ Truelove and Russ Hamilton. I read the book at Christmastime and had trouble putting it down--even when I was instructed to. For the dozen years I was engaged with my white 300B, bought in Montana and shipped to the right coast (NY & ME) I learned quite a lot about those sweet beasts.
I recall that a mechanic told me that the 354 hemi was the best of the first 3 hemis. He didn't tell me why, but the book reports the same thing, and explains something about the balance--volumetric, I guess--that made it a more efficient engine than the other two.
I also recall a trip on I 85 in North Carolina, with Mr. Lazenby (B expert) driving, and Mr. Jett (meet host expert) in the back seat. I was merely riding along with these two raconteurs, Lazenby trying to get to the Richard Petty shop in Level Cross--I think he was trying to get there before God, he was going so fast. At one point I leaned left and saw the little pointy thing in the speedometer pointing at 130. And, at about that point, Mr. Lazenby lifted off the throttle and slowed to something less. He mentioned that the spindles--those things that hold the front wheels to the vehicle were 40 some years old, and probably not quite as good as new.
Wasn't I interested to note that Mr. Kiekhafer caused the original spindles on his B's to be swapped out and Lincoln spindles put in their place because the Lincoln spindles were tougher. I wonder if Mr. Lazenby knew that as he left the entire gaggle of other 300's at the Rev. Krep's meet strung out along the interstate? I never knew that until this year, long after my B had gone to Florida--to some warehouse. I certainly strained its spindles driving the country roads of the northeast and New England.
And I remember Tim Flock getting into my B, sticking his head out and waving so I could get a photo.
Mr. Hamilton's book is a good one, and for weak readers (like me) there are lots of pictures! He is a great story teller, and writes as well about the people associated with these machines as the machines themselves.
Doug Mayer
Northport, Maine

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