Chrysler 300 Club International           
A Tribute to George Riehl
June 8, 1931 - August 7, 2012

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Mike and Linda Burke hosted a fare well party for George. People came from near and far, and the attendees included George III and Lynn Riehl, Laura, David and Tori Payn, Murray Park, wife and daughters, Noel Hastalis, Brian and Kathy Frank, Ed and Angie Phillips, Andy and Carole Mikonis, Sue and Greg Leggatt, Daryl and Rita Miller,Jack Wiltse and Linda, Terry and Tink McTaggart, Carol and Gil Cunningham, Marv and Julie Reguse, Dave and Gretta Todd, John Begian, Ray Menzel, Ann Armstrong, Ron and Mariam Gendar, Jim and Andrea Krausmann, Kevin Westbrook, Don Armstrong, Jim and Lynn Bartuska. Also attending were people from local car clubs and friends of the family.

Here are some photos of the event

Gathered around George's J to share memories

George Riehl III and friend in the J

To a tribute for George and Eleanor