Steering Column with modified ground

From Bill Elder:
Working on the 300K, I pulled the spare New Yorker column out of the attic and noted an old piece of wire hanging from a bolt affair. This turned out to be a modified dome light ground switch from the door jamb. Some old time mechanic had outsmarted the copper ground strap. After I removed it and studied it; I realized what he had done. He cut the dome light switch shaft at the electrical connection end. He then removed the shaft and reversed it in the switch body. So now the flat contact piece that used to contact the door is now spring loaded protruding from the threaded end of the switch. Finally he bent the amputated end of the shaft over, so the shaft is held into the body of the switch. It also becomes a convenient place to fasten a ground wire to complete the ground circuit. Once the modified switch is screwed into the steering column, the old internal spring holds the plunger against the inner steering shaft and you have a constant ground, no matter that the steering shaft is rotating. Conveniently the tilt steering column has an access slot machined into it. The old dome light switch was the exact size to allow me to thread it into the slot with a socket and ratchet. On a non- tilt column you would probably need to drill and tap the outer jacket for the switch.