Dec 2019
J and Ram K Spark Plug Wire Stands

by Carl Bilter

At the 2019 Minneapolis meet I was asked if the J/ram K spark plug wire stands are the same as the F/G.  The answer is that the 300J and ram K used a completely different arrangement than the F/G.  The ram K used the same setup as the J.  However, the non-ram K (single 4bbl.) had spark plug wire stands welded to the valve covers and is therefore different from the ram cars.

Here is a photo of the wire stands used on the J and ram K.  The numbers refer to the spark plug/cylinder numbers that the wires will attach to. 

Except for the right front manifold stand, the wire stands can be obtained fairly easily as used parts since they were also used on any 1963 Chrysler or Imperial.  The rear stands are simply flipped the opposite direction and located on the opposite valve cover from non-ram Chryslers due to the ram intakes.  In other words, the rear left wire stand on a 300J is the same as a front or rear right side wire stand on a 1963 Imperial, New Yorker,  Newport, or 300 Sport.  And the rear right wire stand is used on the front or rear left side on other Chryslers.  The front left wire stand is the same as any other front left 1963 Chrysler.  The wire stand for the intake manifold is also the same as any other single 4 bbl. Chrysler, but flipped over in the opposite direction in order to clear the ram intake.  The front and rear left stands and the right rear stand all attach to the valve cover studs.

If the car was equipped with factory A/C, the heater core box will not allow clearance for the right rear stand to be installed; so it was simply left off.  Here is a photo of the rear right wire stand on a non-A/C equipped 300J.

On a factory air equipped car, the #6 and #8 wires simply lay on the valve cover as seen here.  They can be secured to the right side valve cover by the clips that hold the wiring harness. 

  The right front wire stand can accommodate four plug wires but it is only used for wire #2 and #4 as seen here.  Wire #6 and #8 are routed along the valve cover towards the rear of the engine. 

Here is a photo of the wire stand that is attached to the ram intake bolt.  In this photo, from left to right, the stand secures wire #1, #3, #5 and #7.  On a factory A/C car, as seen here, the wires are routed under the A/C bracket.    Wire #1 and #3 are routed to the left front wire stand.  Wires #5 and #7 are routed along the valve cover to the left rear wire stand.

Here is a photo of the left front wire stand that secures wire #1 and #3.

  Here is a photo of the left rear wire stand that secures wire #6 and wire #8. 

  As a reminder, the J and ram K used sort of a brown-orange 7mm spark plug wire that is available from Lectric Limited but is extremely expensive.  Regular orange wire is at least close to correct and much less expensive.