• Here's a picture of the left side disc setup, installed, next to the mockup .

    You're looking at disc brakes on a 1960 Chrysler 300F .

  • Another view from the outside !

    Since the original spindle and steering arm are used, there's no need to take the car to alignment !

  • And a view of the backside - nice and clean !

  • And a last view of the back side with the wheel turned full left. Note the clearance between the caliper and the frame.

    I did not replace the single master cylinder with a dual master cylinder nor do I have a proportioning valve. I simply removed the check valve in the master. The brakes work just fine. My '66 300 Conv. came with disc brakes and a single master cylinder, and no proportioning valve, and they worked just fine. However, I am considering modifying a dual master to replace the single. Anyone familiar with the 300F knows that little space remains between the master cylinder and booster. I believe I have a solution which I may address later.
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