as related to me by: Evelyn Robertson, Doug Ore and Okey Moffatt.

It's early in 1961, in Charleston, West Virginia... Dr. Golden, proprietor of the Golden Clinic, in Elkins, WV. , marches in to Tag Galyean Motors - a very large Mopar dealership. He goes up to Tinsley A. Galyean (his initials are also his nickname and the name of the dealership ) and announces that he's ready for a new car. He wants a 300G, and he wants it loaded ! and, by the way, Dr. Golden has one more request - because of his name, and the name of his clinic, he wants another gold car.

Tag scratches his head - Dr. Golden's a good customer, and he doesn't want to disappoint him . But there's nothing even remotely resembling "gold" in the '61 color charts ! So some phone calls are made, and it is decided that a 300G will be built, but NOT PAINTED at all at the factory. And that's the way it is. #8413198509 leaves the factory, fully assembled, complete and running, in primer. Shipped to Tag Galyean Motors, the car is handed over to Jim Fields, foreman of the body shop. A color is picked, rather nice shade of copperish-gold, everything in sight is masked off carefully, and, presto, one gold 300G !

Dr. Golden drove and enjoyed the 300G until late 1964. He then brought it back to tag Galyean Motors and traded it in on a new car.

Unfortunately, at this time, no pictures of the car in its original gold paint have been located.

Now it's December 1964. A young Tag Galyean salesman, by the name of Okey Moffatt, buys the traded-in Chrysler. He has known that car since Day One, when it came off the truck in primer. He likes Chrysler 300's, and indeed owned a red 300D convertible, also traded by by its original owner, a neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. Caudill.

The 300G was immediately repainted black. The gold paint was already fading and flaking. Mr.Moffatt also added a Mirrormatic, Automatic Headlight Dimmer, a four-way flasher, a 1964 reverb unit and a power steering cooler. No wires were cut, as these were all genuine Mopar accessories and plugged right into the wiring harness.

Mr. Moffatt then started working for General Electric. He commuted between Charleston and Birmingham, AL for some time. On 10/9/68, at 7:47PM, a Mrs. Laura Deacy crossed over the double-yellow line in her 68 Chevrolet and hit the 300G.

The car was taken to another Chrysler dealer, J. Truett Payne Co, in Birmingham. They drew up an estimate of $565.45 (!) to replace the left front fender, door and quarter-panel, replace quarter glass, paint and align.

Mr . Moffatt then purchased a 360hp 300K, and, having moved back to 1971, parked the 300G outside. He had observed that it was difficult to obtain parts for the car, and had stocked up - NOS exhaust system, front end, carbs, side medallions.... But, in a moment of weakness, he sold the car- and all parts - to Doug Ore in 1976 or 1977.

But he still had the following pictures:

The preceding picture was taken in Roane County, WV in May, 1969.

All pictures and documentation courtesy Okey Moffatt.

When I purchased the "G", Mrs. Robertson told me the "Dr. Golden" story. She also told me that the person who had sold the car to her son in 1980 was named Doug Ore, and still lived in the same town ! I did contact Mr.Ore, and met him on my return trip to Clendenin. He still had all the parts Mr. Moffatt had given him way back in 1976, and I was able to purchase them from him.. We loaded up the truck with carbs, NOS exhaust, NOS gaskets, medallions, a NOS door skin, and lots more... loaded up the 300G and towed it all home.

I have been fortunate to track this car back to its second owner, all the way back to 1965 and before. Indeed, Mr. Moffatt saw this 300G when it was new. It's thanks to him that the crazy story of the primer "G" has been verified to my satisfaction. I do want to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Robertson for selling me the car; Mr. Ore for letting me have the parts; and Mr.Moffatt for adding the final pieces to the puzzle, and for taking the time to humour me, dig through his files, and send me pictures and paperwork.

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