• Meantime, it's June, weather is getting nice, and some familiar faces are showing up..

    So I got lazy with the camera, and took few pictures of the reassembly after paint. . It took more than a few minutes. But, here's the finished product :

    I will say this : taking a good picture of this car is actually harder than the restoration ! It's a tough color to photograph. Looks different at various times of day and under sun, or clouds, or whatever.

    Hopefully, as time goes by, I'll be able to get a few good shots of "Golden" .

    My thanks to the following - in no particular order :

  • Walt Chevarria - who just won't stop the bodywork 'til he has it right !
  • Russ Vaughan - master engine builder
  • Don Verity - master tranny builder
  • Plitt Ford - yet another perfect paint job !
  • Gary Goers - how could we restore our cars without you ?
  • Bob Haag - the Rock of Gibraltar. Thanks, Bob.
  • AIH Chrome - another perfect bumper
  • Iverson Automotive - for straightening out and restoring to perfection crunched-up moldings
  • Jeff Carter - wonderful instrument restoration
  • Jack Rose - for the grille
  • Allstate Carburetor - look at 'em carbs !
  • Bob Jasinski - look at that battery !
  • Andy Mikonis, Pete Fitch, Bob Merritt, Gil Cunningham, George Riehl, John Doyle, and all the others who lent moral and tech support.
  • Dr. Golden, Okey Moffatt, Doug Ore, and Tommy Robertson - the previous owners .
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