Mopars on the Mississippi Show 2015
by Carl Bilter

We had a great turnout on Sunday with seven 300s. 6 of them were Letter Cars which is a record turnout for this event:
300F Dave Schwandt
300F Noel Hastalis
300F black convertible Randy Guyer from Minneapolis. This was a fresh and excellent restoration; never before shown
300J me
300 Pacesetter convertible Ron Knoll Algonquin, IL
300K coupe Mark Miller from Cedar Falls, IA.
300 L convertible 4spd Rolland Westra

The J ran great. I filled up the day before the show with 91 octane non-ethanol. I got a dismal 9.9 mpg for the 153 mile run but it was very windy. This is the first actual mpg measurement Iíve taken. I think it should be at least in the 11s. It didnít leak a drop of transmission fluid and used a negligible amount of oil; so that is an improvement over prior years. No pinging! Timing set at 12 degrees BTDC.