Gary Goers writes:

Dear Friends:

Due to major health challenges, Iím regretfully letting you know I must immediately cut back and delay most of my business supplying interiors and restoration parts for Chrysler 300ís and other MoParís.

I'm still finishing up seats and have more leather ordered to start more batches of F, G and H seat covers in the spring. And, I still intend to make '55-'59 interiors as needed. But I definitely have to put off everything for a while once the amputation takes place. I will complete all orders on hand for small in-stock items received to date but I will have to return any orders received after January 1, 2017.

Right now, I really, really need to get the message across that I just can't take time to respond to e-mails. I have begged for decades that personal and business messages come only by snail mail. PLEASE!!

Thank you for your past, present and future support. I look forward to continuing to share our enthusiasm for our Beautiful Beasts and to serving your restoration needs.


Gary & Alana Goers
KALISPELL MT 59901-7768