The G Convertible
A Most Unusual Story

With the polished floor and the paneled walls, you might guess this G is on display in something like an office building ....... and you would be right. A nice G stored indoors .... what is so unusual? Wait until you see the next pictures.

The G is ensconced in a 6th floor office building display area in downtown Hinsdale, Illinois. Along with a Firebird Trans AM HD455, the car was brought in through the 6th floor windows.
Thanks to Bob Barr who sent these photos and wrote the background story.

But wait. The story is only half over. Long time members may remember the story of the G convertible with no fins. See I Did It My Way from 1977. This is this very same car; VIN 8413165736. This is the car John Hertog owned. He reinstalled fins and got it back on the road. It is good to see it is still around and being given good care.