John Begian writes:

The 1960-1962 Chrysler and DeSoto Body Assembly Manual is a new offering from Faxon Literature. Even though I am not planning on disassembling my G, I thought it would be worth a check-out. The publication has all of the body graphics that were used by Chrysler assembly plants to set up the line jobs. The graphics show details of parts, fastener torques and assembly procedures. I’ve shown some of the detail pages. It shows the body welding details, which is helpful when you are fabricating patches and such.

Like all these books that come out, is it worth it for you? At 560+ pages, it’s about $58 tax, title, out the door. For reference, I think it is great, it refreshes your memory on how the parts go on or come off, depending on your latest project. The book shows wiring clips, but, not the wiring layout. It also shows all the body items, tail lights, weatherstrip installation, and body sections to show the intended panel gaps. In addition, the glass mechanism installation, lubrication, torques and convertible top framework is shown in great detail. Note that the book does not show any details underhood or underbody.

If you are new to these cars, this is a good reference. Might help clear up some confusion on how parts should be installed during a repair or restoration. Seasoned veterans may pass, but as my memory is not as good as in the past, I found it helpful.