Noel Hastalis writes:

Our Pasadena Fall Meet was a resounding success! Our Meet Coordinator Rob Kern, along with Bob Jasinski, organized and executed an amazing Meet, handling the people moving logistics, selecting a wonderful hotel and welcoming members and their guests. The weather - sunny and low-to-mid-80s - couldn't have been better.

Jay Leno's agreeing to personally host us at his Big Dog Garage was clearly the magnet that drew folks from 28 states, 3 Canadians and 3 Aussies - total 184 registrations and 172 actual attendees - to experience Jay's fabulous collection of automobiles, motorcycles, huge custom studio-painted wall art that complemented the cars, countless car accessories and scale models, and mega machine and paint area where a variety of cars were in stages of restoration/repair. We loved seeing Jay's '53 C-3 331 Hemi Cunningham C3 and his '63 Turbine Car that's currently without its melted down power plant. Jay mentioned that the original group of Chrysler Turbine Program Engineers, now all in their 80s or older, have gathered to work from their original blueprints, to recreate a new Turbine for him. Interesting to see that Jay's collection of mid-century American cars leans heavily toward Mopars, with but a very few Fords and GMs. The time we spent there was but an appetizer - impossible to fully absorb all of what Jay has assembled - and we all express a huge thanks for his hospitality.

Our Warner Brothers Studio tour was wonderful - reminding us that many of the scenes we see in movies and on TV shows are fabricated with props. When watching these, we really don't know what's real and what's fabricated.

Of course, our Peterson Museum visit was also a winner with its variety of exhibits - the Brooks Stevens display with his '59 Scimitar concept car built on a New Yorker chassis with its Wedge 413 TorqueFlite drive train, exotic hypercars, James Bond '007' cars and props and film clips, Andy Warhol auto art exhibit enhanced by a small handful of silver Mercedes Benz cars from years 1886 through 1954, '56 Imperial Parade Car with its seldom seen 'Chryslermatic Automatic Car Watch' in its steering wheel hub that predated Chrysler's later wheel clocks, '54 Plymouth Explorer Ghia-built concept coupe, '53 Zeder Storm-250 coupe 260 hp Dodge Hemi that could have been chosen to be Chrysler's Corvette competitor and possibly become the first Chrysler 300 instead of the '55 model we've all grown to love and praise (designed by Fred Zeder, Jr., son of Frederick Zeder - one of Chrysler's Three Musketeers core engineers).

Tuesday night Marnie and Rob Kern hosted the 5th edition of LETTER CAR JEOPARDY! to a field of eager contestants and audience participants. Laughs abounded and a swell time was had by all!

A big Thank You! to Per Blixt for driving his fuelie 300-D coupe to our hotel and generously visiting with us Sunday afternoon and at our Wednesday Car Show that drew 19 Letter Cars and a handful of other older Mopars. We met many enthusiastic new first-time Meet attendees and look forward to their joining us at our future Meets. Several folks commented about Pasadena being our Club's best attended Meet, and who all contributed to making this a most memorable Meet. I don't know about pre-2006 Meets, but this and our 2015 Macungie Meet attendance came neck and neck.

No Letter Cars were submitted for Concours Judging at this meet, so the Cunningham Trophy/Chrysler Cup was not awarded.

Future Meets -

Not to let the dust settle, we're already working on our exciting May 17-21 Spring '23 Hershey Meet. Rob Kern and I have been on the phone with Hank Hallowell, our Meet Host, developing a fabulous collection of Meet events. Stay tuned for details, and we hope to see many of you there!

And for your longer-term Fall 2023 planning, we're working on our September 17-21 Fall '23 Fredericksburg, Texas Meet that Randy and Virginia Thorne will be hosting. Also stay tuned for details of this Meet.

Jay Leno's turbine car

1959 Scimitar

1954 Plymouth Explorer

1953 Zeder Storm 250

Chryslermatic Automatic Car Watch

Andy Warhol Mercedes exhibit

There will more in our meet event report.