How To Order Eaton Detroit Springs With Club Discount

January 22, 2013

Jim Krausmann writes:
The average price for a set of springs from Eaton is $479. Our discount is 22%.
Shipping is around $70-100 to mid-west locations and $120 coastal.
Springs include front metal clad bushings. Orders usually ship in 5-10 days.

Eaton Spring recommends you replace U bolts as they consider them a "one-use" item. Good idea to also check the condition of the rubber bushings and shackle sets before you order springs.

  • Rubber bushings at $2.30 each. You will need 8 bushings for complete replacement.
  • Shackle kit at $40 includes two shackle sets and 8 rubber bushings.
  • Complete installation kit at $58.29 includes 4 U bolts, 2 shackle sets and 8 bushings.

In order to get the discount, I have to place your order.
You can not get the discount if you place your order with Eaton.
Send your credit card # by email or phone to or (313) 886-0118
and I'll place the order with Eaton.
I will keep all cards numbers kept confidential.