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  1. Have front clip and dash assembly for what I believe is a 1961 Chrysler. Have front seat, speedometer intact, front bumper not bent…good! Nice grill, fenders, and hood. Anyone interested in purchasing? Currently red in color. Can furnish pictures if anyone interested. Contact Doug Roberson in Stillwater, Oklahoma at email: (03/18/11)

  2. LIQUIDATING AND DISCOUNTING ALL PARTS IN STOCK, 10%. 15% on orders of $100 or more. Carter ceramic filter elements, gaskets, springs, carb to carb fuel hoses, air cleaner decals, AC seal conversions, cast iron TorqueFlite pump resurfacing, power steering bracket rebuild. Click Here for the Parts List Contact Gary Nelson, 11205 Messina Way, Reno, Nevada 89521 USA. Phone: 775 851-1420. 7 days , 9am to 7pm days, PST or email: (03/18/11)

  3. 1955 - 1956 DOOR SILL PLATES - Last call for Chrysler C300, 300B, Imperial, and DeSoto 2 - door and convertible model owners. Supply is now limited for these quality die stamped aluminum sill plates, NOS factory-correct in every detail. Click here for larger photo sillsmall. For Chryslers, 300's, and Imperials, a complete 4 piece set for $399 plus S/H includes one left and one right door sill plate plus two sill-to-seat edge fillers (fillers highly recommended for matching appearance to door sills). DeSoto owners may reuse sill-to-seat filler piece stamped "DESOTO", therefore, one left and one right door sill set (without fillers) may be purchased for $379 plus S/H. Do not miss this only opportunity to acquire these concours quality, NOS replacements for dented, scuffed, and corroded door sill plates. They will not be available after this stamping is sold out. John R. Cote, 2000 Little Meadow Rd., Guilford, CT. 06437. Phone 203-988-7550, email: (03/18/11)

  4. 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst set of four tires. Selling a set of 4 Goodyear Polyglas Custom Wide Tread tires in H-70-15 size. This is the size that was installed from the factory on the Hurst cars. These are used tires in good condition. No dry rot or cracking. They still have lots of tread left. No uneven tread wear. Click here for pictures. Two of the tires have some scuffing on the lettering, but they are still very presentable. More pictures available of tread and close-ups of sidewalls. Price is $800 for the set plus shipping. Email: (04/05/11)

  5. Heater switch rebuilding, new window rollers, new headlight anchors from John Grady and Jean-Yves Chouinard. Click here for pictures and information. (05/12/11)

  6. Click here for larger photo. brakesmall We have reproduced the spring that stretches around the outside of the brake drums. This spring is meant to dissipate heat and to control brake lining chatter. The original springs have lost temper and will be rusted so they cannot perform as designed. The vehicle uses one per wheel. The cost is $16.00 per spring plus USPS shipping from zip code 48114 to you. Contact Ray Menzel at email: or call 810-623-2227. (05/12/11)

    300-F Parts, Front windshield. Clear glass, some delaminating around edge, and one chip on upper edge that would be under gasket. FREE! Rear window. Clear glass in good shape. Also free. Bare console shells. Front and rear pieces in good shape with wood blocks still attached. $75.00 for both. Dash shell. Bare metal shell from an F with no A/C. Comes with the remains of a dash pad. $100.00. 60 NYer dash shell. A/C dash with remote mirror hole. $100.00. Also have rear trunk lip from a 57 NYer. Good shape. Free All parts are in Smithfield, RI and will need to be picked up. Sorry, no Shipping. Don Verity email: or call 401-231-7816 (05/12/11)

  7. Drive Shaft Boot Kits. $39 + shipping. Kit includes boot, large and small oem style clamps and instructions. Click here for picture. I accept PayPal and US Postal Money Orders. Mark Sherman at email: (05/12/11)

  8. The Long Ram Intake Cut-Outs:
    These are new re-casted long ram intake manifold cut-outs for the 1960-1964 Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth's. These will fit either the long ram or the short ram manifolds. Click here for larger photo.
    01blocksmall I had these made after patterning my original cut-outs from my long rams. They are professionally casted aluminum just like the originals pieces were. All that is needed to make them fit is to cut them with a bandsaw and fit between your current openings on your manifolds, because they were band sawed by hand in the factory and they were not all the same cut. The price is $64.95 and free shipping. I can be contacted at email: . (05/31/11)

  9. Long ram intake cross-over tube.
    I have spent a lot of time developing these so that they are as close to factory as possible. I based it on the earlier style crossover tube that does not have the vacuum tube barb like the later cross-over tubes. Click here for larger photo.
    01tubesmall It is correct from the bead rolled ends, to being 16 gauge metal, and to being crushed to the correct thickness. They will come in primered form and can be painted for an additional charge. I can also supply the rubber hose ends for the adapters for $30.00 for the pair. They are made to be factory duplicates. Also beware of hoses made out of radiator hose and not fuel/air hose that will disintegrate over time. The crossover tube is $89.95 and free shipping. I can be contacted at email: . (05/31/11)

  10. 1962 300 PARTS. A collection of 300 Sport parts, 2 dashboards, roll of 60's tan carpet, hundreds of trim, electrical, small boxed items. Click here for larger photos. 00partssmall Many new, many used, all good, from body, suspension, interior, exterior, gas tank, subframe w/steering, Moving must relocate these precious items. Market value estimated in excess of $10K, sell all, a trailer load of items, $1,000. Mac, Sanford, Fla. , phone 407-314-1686, email: (06/14/11)

  11. Rear Brake Drum Puller:
    Click here for pictures and info. It consists of a 6"x6"x5/8" steel plate with the 5 holes drilled on the 4 1/2" bolt pattern that all Mopars, except Imperial, use. For 1956 and newer cars that have studs on the drum, we made elongated nuts (1 3/8" long) by drilling and tapping hex rod for right and left hand thread. We cut right & left hand threaded studs to length and screwed them about half way into the elongated nuts and tack welded them into place to maintain the right length. You screw the five elongated nuts onto the stud on the drum. The studs stick out beyond the axle far enough to install the plate over the studs and sits against the axle shaft. You put a nut & washer on each stud & tighten them until the drum comes off. It pulls on all five studs and is shorter & sturdier than three legged pullers.
    The puller for pre-1956 Mopars uses the same plate but the hardware is different to attach to those drums that have threaded holes in the drum. I sell them with the guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the puller, send it back for a refund. So far no one has sent one back. The puller for 1956 and newer cars sells for $100.00. The kit that includes hardware for pulling pre-1956 drums is $125.00. Add $12.00 for UPS shipping within US. To order, send a check made to Les Fairbanks to T & L Mold 1246 E. Empire Ave. Benton Harbor, MI 49022. I have a few pullers made up and usually ship the same day I get the check. Thanks, Les email: (06/14/11)

  12. Reproduction Chrysler 300 air cleaners again available. Both round and acsmall oval styles to fit 58 thru 64 dual 4 bbl cars. Cleaners are steel as original and painted correct colors with correct decals, ready to bolt on. $675 per pair. Call Mike Burke at 517 869 2651 or email: (06/14/11)

  13. Car Hauling Service
    We have a specially equipped 28-foot enclosed car hauler trailer built to move special cars with special care. Click here for pictures and info. It has a loading ramp that goes almost flat so the low cars will not drag. It has a door where the driver exits so you do not have to climb out the window. It is winch equipped for those not running. It has extra space to haul separate parts. The curbside has double doors with a 6-foot opening to load and unload those parts. We have been club members since the late 80's. We are DOT legal with authority for all the states. Please call Ray Menzel at 810-623-2227 for quotes and pictures of the hauler. email: (06/14/11)

  14. Large assortment of parts for sale. (06/27/11)

  15. 200+ auto books and 1000 car mags. Selling a hard cover #58 signed copy of "Race Cars of Tim Flock". 12" X 9 1/2 " 5 lbs, for $75 plus postage. "There are 26 pages just on the "300". Also have letters from Tim & Frances. Contact Al Zuber, 7 Daniel St, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438. Phone 973-697-3996 or email (08/10/11)

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