Reprinted from the 1999 Club News Volume 25 Number 2


Q: The upper rear shock mounting keeps coming loose on my 1960 300. I retighten but it comes loose after a few hundred miles.

A: A common problem on 1960-64 unibody cars. Remove plug in trunk and remove nut. After shock is removed, remove the shaft and install a tight fitting (I.D.) thick washer over the shaft. Install shaft so that the washer is on underside of body. Reinstall the shaft, tighten nut in trunk and reinstall shock.

Q: My 1961 driver’s seat is very “lazy” when pivoting out. Any help?

A: First, check the spring tension. If weak, replace it (a hardware store item). Remove seat, clean Nylon rollers and track, lube with lithium grease. If Nylon washer is missing on top of frame for pivot bolt, or worn, replace (a hardware store item) and lightly lube.

Q: I am getting many different answers as to what lube to use in my 4 speed A833 transmission. What is correct?

A: Chrysler service bulletins designate “automatic transmission fluid.” This fluid should be type F or FA. This fluid should also be used in all cast-iron 727 and 904 transmissions. Do not use Type A Suffix A, or any Dextron or Mercon.

Q: I installed heavy-duty turn signal bulbs and my turn signals flash very rapidly. What’s wrong?

A: You must use a heavy-duty flasher unit to get proper turn signal flashing. Since more current is used to flash heavy-duty bulbs, the flasher has more resistance, hence, slower flashing. Heavy-duty flashers are available at all parts stores.

Q: My steering wheel always wants to turn slightly to the right on start up. Why?

A: The control valve on top of the gearbox is out of adjustment. Loosen the two bolts and readjust without engine running until you find the correct position, and restart car until corrected.

Q: When I put the transmission into gear there is a “clunk” sound from the rear end. Also a “clunk” going from drive to reverse and visa-versa when the car is at idle.

A: That “clunk” is in reference to excessive rear axle clearance. For both standard and Sure Grip, axle end play should be .015 to .020 for each axle.

Q: Driving on the road during down shifting or up shifting, it sounds like the transmission is hitting something.

A: It may well be. The transmission insulator (mount) may have separated and allows the transmission to “jump” up and down on the cross member and also hit the tunnel in the floor. A left front engine insulator (mount) could cause this if it has failed.

Q: Can a stock tachometer from a 1960 fit into a ’63 or ’64 300? Or visa-versa?

A: Yes, but a 60-61-62 tach must have a 200 volt supply to illuminate the face and needle. (A 60-62 power pack is required). A 63-64 tach can be used in 60-62 cars but needs a hookup for a light bulb to illuminate the face and needle. The cable is the same for all years with a mechanical tach.