Hurst Door Pull

Reproduction Part Spotlight RP-0902 the Hurst Door Pulls. Well I finally found a vendor who had a powerful enough machine that could sew the Hurst door pulls. This was after I sourced the correct Vinyl for them. These pulls will be only made available to you on an exchange basis, meaning I have to get your cores sent to me first to use for the next guy. It does not matter what condition they are in, or the color the cores are, they just need to be 1970's, and not 1971's, as the 71's are different. If anyone has 1970 cores please contact me as that would help other guys out to reduce their waiting time. Eventually I hope to build enough of them to make them available at our club meets for our members.

The pulls have to be disassembled, the inner steel parts sent out for plating, and then resewn. These operations take time so plan your project accordingly. My suggestion would be to take them off and send them to me in the late fall when the car goes away for the winter. I have two pairs done already but the next group will take time to plate and build, so anticipate a delay in receiving the pulls when you contact me.

They will cost $200.00 US a pair plus shipping, and again on an exchange basis only. Contact Jamie Hyde, Reproduction Parts Chairman or 585-465-0067