J & Ram K
Cam Shafts

We now have a supplier for replacement camshafts on J & Ram K engines. Hughes Engines has two versions available; the standard cam (HUG-HE300JK-S) and the "George" cam (HUG-HE300JK-O). The standard cam is built to the factory design while the "George" cam duplicates the modifications George Riehl made many years ago. If you have questions about the differences in the standard cam and the "George" cam, please contact a member who has installed a "George" cam for their real world thoughts.

I want to point out that these are new camshafts, not regrinds. They are high quality components fully engineered and tested by Hughes Engines.

One significant difference from the original cams, these new cars use three bolt gear drives. This means that you will have to purchase a three bolt cam drive gear system. Hughes Engines has the three bolt gear drive and also recommends the installation of new lifters, springs, and cam break in lubrication. Hughes has an improved flat tappet mechanical lifter that has a small hole drilled into the face of the lifter to get oil to this critical area. ZDDP enhanced oils or ZDDP additives are required.

To order a cam/lifters/cam drive contact David Hughes at Hughes Engines. Mention that you are a club member. The part numbers are as follows:

HUG-HE300JK-S for the stock J & Ram K cam
HUG-HE300JK-O for the modified J & Ram K Cam (the "George Cam")
HUG-5012EDM for the cool face solid lifter
HUG-1105 for the springs
HUG-6430 for the degree-able cam drive

Hughes Engines, Inc
23334 Wiegand Lane
Washington, IL 61571
Phone: (309) 745-9558
Fax: (309) 296-9990

My thanks to Herb Rogers and Lynn Townsend for their support and participation on this project.

Jamie Hyde