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  1. WANTED: Iím looking for a tail light bezel for a 1962 Chrysler 300. Contact Lance Lorfeld at (07/04/17)

  2. WANTED: For my 300G I need the rear body panel molding that goes between the R & L tail lamps. It is just below the trunk cylinder and It is 57" long, Chrysler part # 2240902. New would be nice but I will consider a used one as long as it has not been run over by a truck! Contact Dominick Rinaldi at (07/04/17)

  3. WANTED: Electric window parts (controls, tracks etc) for any Mopar coupe from 59-62 . All these parts for my 62H disappeared somewhere along the line during a lengthy restoration. Does anyone know of a junker somewhere out there that might still have itsí window parts? Contact Michael Corrigan 805-570-0866- or email (07/04/17)

  4. WANTED:
    300 Front Fender Emblem for my 64 Chrysler 300. Contact Eric Brandt at email (10/07/17)

  5. WANTED: 1957-59 Mopar convert roof trim. I need the leading edge 3 wide pieces that move with the roof. Contact John Grady at (10/07/17)

  6. WANTED: 1956 300B Rear Fender Emblem - Right Side. Emblem restoration / repair service reference would be appreciated, also. Contact Stephen at (11/02/17)

  7. WANTED: I am putting a console/shifter where my centre armrest was. Converting the column shift to the centre shift means I wont need the column shifter any longer so I am looking for the piece to replace the part where the column shifter was. That would be the part from a 66--68 300 non column shift, ideally in 50 year old white paint! But I will buy any part to restore. Name your price. Thanks - email Allen at (11/15/17)

  8. WANTED: I need a nice pair of wind vent frames for a Ď57 convertible. Also, a power window regulator and motor for the left rear window. Email (12/23/17)

  9. WANTED: 1962 Chrysler 300H interior seats, door panels, console anything you may have. Thanks Ron 425 219 3663. Email (01/30/18)

  10. WANTED: 1960 Chrysler 300F interior parts, seats door panels, etc. Thank you Ron 425 219 3663. Email (01/30/18)

  11. WANTED: Both driver and passenger side metal arm rest cores for a í58 300. Cores from a 58 New Yorker (front and back) will work as well. Contact George at (03/20/18)

  12. WANTED: 1955 grill and front clip, could also be from a 55 Imperial. Also speedometer from 300 as well. Contact Mike McGuire at (03/22/18)

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