Pigeon Poo Preservative

Some time ago I purchased a collection of old car parts that had been stored in the attic of an old barn for more than 25 years. The attic was more a home for pigeons than it was for storing car parts, but I bought the collection anyway.

Some of the parts looked like this:

I had a minute so on a whim I thought I would clean it up and see how bad it is. Imagine my surprise when this was the result:

I was so pleased with the results that I sent samples for analysis to the crack chemical staff in Joppa, Maryland. They determined the reason why the chrome had been so well protected and our chemists soon developed

Pigeon Poo Preservative

ALL NEW! Guaranteed to protect your car's chrome. Look no further than city statues to understand the value of Pigeon Poo Preservative. Only $19.99 a bottle. But hurry, order now. The pigeons are flying from the coop!

Customers say:
I'll take a gallon of the stuff!!
Just what we need. Non-Caustic Chemicals Crafted & Created to Clean Crap from Costly Chrysler Car Collections!!! Not sold in stores!!! Order now in time for Christmas!! As not seen on TV!! Buy one....get the 2nd one FREE FREE FREE!!
I loved the Car Crap Cleaner so much......I bought the company!!!