C Convertible
discovered by Randy Guyer


Delivered new on March 11, 1957 to Gene Spaldi through Edwards Motor Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this 300C (the third iteration of the Chrysler letter car series) is one of 1767 coupes and 484 convertibles produced that year.
This car has many of the available options such as, power windows & 6-way power seat, and power top. Also, it has a Custom Conditioner Air Heater and Solex tinted glass, but best of all it has a factory installed Electro Touch Tuner radio & Highway Hi-Fi 16-2/3 rpm record player!

  • Engine is 392 cu/in Hemi-head design with dual quads providing 375 horsepower.
  • Transmission is the standard, pushbutton, three-speed, TorqueFlite automatic.
  • The 300C was the fastest and most powerful American standard production automobile for ‘57.

Known History

As stated above, on 3/11/1957 Mr. Gene Spaldi of Milwaukee, Wisconsin purchased the new car from Edwards Motor Company in Milwaukee.
Mr. Spaldi drove and enjoyed the car until he sold or traded it in, on or about February 24, 1962 to Russ Mee Motor Sales Inc. also in Milwaukee. He stated and guaranteed at that time that the odometer read 31,500 miles as the actual mileage.
On March 3, 1962 Mr. Emil Gerovac traded in a 1960 Rambler Ambassador for this coveted Chrysler. Mr. Gerovac drove and enjoyed the car until around 1970 or so judging by the oil change stickers and the mileage of 46,395 on 8/13/1968. Then it got bumped in the front passenger side and bent the front bumper in a couple of inches. He loved the car and in frustration put the car away so that would never happen again. He was careful to cover it in a dry place and ensure that rodents wouldn't get inside and ruin the interior. Mr. Gerovac owned it until his death in April 2013, when his son Chris inherited it. Other than routine maintenance it has never been painted or restored in any way, and retains its original factory parts just as built. It also retains its original keys, owner manual, maintenance schedule etc.
On August 4, 2017, I Mr. Randall Guyer purchased this car from Chris Gerovac and consider myself the 3rd owner with the odometer showing 48,350 miles, and currently not running.


A very good argument can be made that the muscle cars of today are more powerful, better handling, better brakes, more sophisticated and dependable than the cars of yesterday. However, these old cars represent more than dyno numbers, and technology. They are memories from our youth - a time when life was full of promise. Disappointments and failures were few, and cares were almost non-existent. It was a glorious time to grow up. Now, aching bones, graying hair, and fretting about retirement occupy a good part of our thought process. These old cars are an escape capsule to the past, powerful enough to undo physics and, for a fleeting moment, turn back life's clock to a better and happier time. If you are a person that is in your fifties, sixties, or seventies I'll bet you agree!

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