A collection of photos of our Fall Meet, October 10, 1971 in Hershey, PA,
hosted by Terry McTaggart
our Spring Meet, May 1972 in Irwin, PA, hosted by the Iwinski brothers.

Photos scanned by Justin Iwinski
Photos taken by Gary Hitchins Sr.
Comments by Gloria Moon

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Gene Minicucci in front of Don Warnaar's L which was 7 years old at the time.  Gene had a 300C somewhere there with NY plates.

Burt Tyler, cigarette in hand, is in front of the K.  To his right is our dapper Don Warnaar wearing the white hat. 
Lew Frazier is wearing a black hat behind the black C.

The 3 Es belong to the Kriskas.  

That is Terry McTaggart out in the open all alone.  I spotted Duane & Donna DeButts among the cars.

Denny Lambert is in front of the white F with what looks like black roof.  

McTaggart is far left and Bob Dupin is far right. I see Gil Cunningham's H convertible, oddly I don't see him or the Riehls. 

Ron Waters writes:
Hey Bob -
  It was really nice to see some photos of the early meets in E News 45. But that got me thinking: It would be really nice if someone cleaned up these images so that they look halfway decent. So here ya go. I picked the three I liked best.