I ran across this photo in my late father's stuff. It was taken outside my childhood home in North Hollywood, CA.
The actor looks like Guy Williams (Disney's Zorro). I don't remember this event (I was seven).
My family lived in a place where the folks behind the camera congregated. It was a fun place to grow up.
My father had a black 1955 Imperial. As I remember it was the last domestic he owned; he wasn't fond of fins.
My father later teamed up with Phil Hill in a world class restoration shop called Hill and Vaughn in Santa Monica, CA. Enjoy the photo.
Glenn Vaughn
Glenn Vaughn Restoration Services, Inc.

Wendell Vega writes:
Hi Bob, The picture that Glenn Vaughn sent you is from Damon Runyon Theater-
Season 1 Episode 11 "Big Shoulders" June 25, 1955.
Guest Cast: Chick Chandler, Mona Freeman, Edward Brophy, Jesse White, Gus Schilling and Guy Williams from Disney's Zorro & Lost In Space.
Thank you so much for sharing that picture on the web.