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revised 01/08/04
I received this picture with the email below from Mark Steigerwald, curator of the museum at Watkins Glen Raceway. If anyone has additional information on this car, please email Bob Merritt at

From: Mark
Subject: 300G photo

Hi Bob,

I stumbled upon this photo. Apparently there was a "G" as a pace car here throughout 1961.
I wonder if this G is among the surviving cars?
Our historian informs me that a Dr. Ward, owner of several letter cars, had a role in safety at Watkins Glen. The "G" pictured is one of his cars. Apparently his cars (or at least this "G") were pressed into service as course marshall vehicles! Though I can't say for certain, this practice probably came to end when the Ford "Total Performance" push came to fruition in 1963 and Watkins Glen became a Ford track. We have a photo of a row of '63 Galaxie convertibles that handled all sorts of duties during that year's racing events.
Also, for all general Chrysler enthusiasts, we'll be featuring a Cunningham C4R here next year as our premier display car. Something to consider when taking the odd road trip.
Mark Steigerwald
International Motor Racing Research Center
Watkins Glen, NY

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