Three Brutes From Detroit

Believe it or not, there are now three Club members who live within a half hour of one another in the greater Detroit area. Now, that in itself may not seem so unusual, but they each own a '55 C300! And then, each of us has a different color C300! I, of course, have the white one. Otto Rosenbusch has the Tango Red brute, and Will Johnston owns a black one.

The idea of getting the three cars together for a photo shoot crossed my mind, so I contacted Otto and Will. We met at the Walter P. Chrysler museum in Auburn Hills on Saturday, Sept. 18th, at 9:30 AM...

Since I've already told the story of my car, I now offer the following information about Ottos' and Will's... (Otto is wearing the blue jacket... Will is standing next to his black C300)

Otto is only the second owner of the Tango Red C300 - the car has 78,000 original miles and is pretty much original except for things like brakes, battery, and the recent Coker radials. It even has the original exhaust outlets.

Will's car is the nicest of the three, as it is a recent restoration; a project that took him 7 years to complete. Originally white, the car is now a beautiful shiny black... Will has added A/C and backup lights to his car and it sports shiny new replica wire wheels and a Goers interior.

Hope everyone enjoys looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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