Charlie Slegtenhorst Builds A Garage
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Shaping 2nd floor support posts Framing starts
Main beams and floor joists More framing
Sheathing goes on
Temporary supports for upper floor.
This bay will have raised ceiling for the hoist.
Lumber for site built trusses Gussets for trusses
Assembly of first truss Assembling roof
Assembling roof
Sheeting of roof begins
Sheeting continues Construction of lean-to begins
Applying insulating foam to exterior Roof insulation and strapping installed

600 ft of flashing. I will bend this myself
Roof ready for metal cupola
Inside view of cupola Upper level with temp floors

Steel roofing being installed

Steel roofing being installed
This is what a good Canadian winter looks like!

There will be more to come as the garage progresses, but things are slowing down a bit for the winter.