By Bob Dupin
Reprinted from the 1980 Issue of the Chrysler Volume VI Number IV 300 Club News


First Meet – Holly, MI., July 18,1970. Officers elected: Gil Cunningham, President; Terry McTaggart, Vice-President; Robert E. Dupin Jr., Secretary; Robert E. Dupin III, Treasurer. Dues set at $5.00/year


First Newsletter published May 1, 1971 – Editor, Dave Werner. Membership count – 48. Official club logo adopted at Hershey, PA meet, October 10, 1971. Winning design by Bob Kloster of Minnesota.


Second election of officers, May 6, 1972. Officers elected: Eric Sorenson, President; George Riehl, Vice-President; Robert E. Dupin III, Secretary/Treasurer.


New club news editors appointed at Hershey, PA meet, October 7, 1973. Editors: Carol Cunningham, Donna DeButts, Johnneen Lueth, Eleanor Riehl. Vote on 2 year term of office accepted and approved at fall meet.


First separate roster printed February 1974. Membership count – 146. Chrysler Clearing House formed by Allan & Gloria Moon, early 1974. Increase of annual dues from $5.00 to $10.00 approved beginning July, 1974. Official acceptance of club jackets, June, 1974. Third election of officers announced at Fall Meet at Warrington, PA, Sept. 29, 1974. Officers: George Riehl, President; Duane DeButts, Vice-President; Robert E. Dupin III, Secretary/Treasurer. Debbie Tyler appointed Publicity Director at Spring Meet.


New judging guidelines adopted March 28, 1975. Membership count, July 1975 – 175. Club gains non-profit status. Incorporation official. Constitution adopted. Gil Cunningham appointed Technical Advisor of club.


Club Store becomes official in Spring of 1976. Membership count – 250. Fourth election of officers at Fall Meet in Toronto, Ontario, October 10, 1976. Officers: George Riehl, President; Duane DeButts, Vice-President; Donna DeButts, Secretary; Don Warnaar, Treasurer. Parts Service Center formed by Ray Beaumont. Seniors division in concours put into effect.


First Judging Committee Meeting held March 26, 1977 in Pittsburgh, PA. Revised judging form formulated. Membership count – 375. First News-Flite printed December 1977. Editors: P. J. Ehmann, Terry McTaggart, Don Warnaar. The club’s alternate quarterly publication to supplement the Club News quarterly.


Concours Standards Committee meeting held on April 22, 1978, in Pittsburgh, PA. Purpose: Upgrading judging standards, formulating “300 Restoration Guides”. Fifth election of officers at Fall Meet in Mystic, CT on Sept. 29, 1978. Officers: George Riehl, President; Gil Cunningham, Vice-President; Terry McTaggart, Secretary; Don Warnaar, Treasurer. Membership count –432.


Chrysler Corporation brings back the 300 in a limited edition model. The Clearing House has helped in finding homes for 148 300s since it began in 1974. Concourse Standards Committee – third meeting held on April 28, 1979, in Pittsburgh, PA to further improve judging standards. Ron Chuchola appointed Publicity Director. Increased advertising on a monthly basis brings results. Membership count – 494. An amendment to the constitution to accept the 1970 300-Hurst was voted on and approved by the membership. 300-Hurst officially accepted as a separate division of the club. Eleanor Riehl appointed Membership Director.


Sixth nomination of officers at the Spring Meet in Pennsville, NJ on May 16, 1980. Results of election will be announced at the Fall Meet in Gatlinburg, TN in September. Membership count as of July 1, 1980 – 591 and growing!! A two person Board of Directors was voted on and elected at the Spring 1980 Meet, to assist the Executive Committee in club members. John Sheets and Jack Wiltse were elected to a three year term.