Niels Hansen's 1961 300G
Restoration in Germany

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Data Tag Decode (thanks Andy Mikonis)

A to Z option codes:
N-5 = Heater - Custom Conditionaire
P-4 = Power Antenna
Q-9 = Defogger - Rear Window
T-8 = Radio - Golden Touch Tuner Including Rear Seat Speaker (7-button)
V-1 = Tinted Glass (All Windows)

SO NUMBER 0916 1240 = Schedule Order, car likely built on or shortly after Sept. 16, 1960
BDY 842 = Body, 300G 2-door hardtop
TRM 833 = Trim, 300G Beige Leather
PNT WW1 = Paint, Alaskan White

Here are some pictures from November 20, 2011.
For the interior, I have all the very fine Gary Goers stuff.
We will start to change from old to new during the next weeks.
The interior was not so bad but the front seats were off and slightly destroyed.

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