Addendum to Rob Kern's 1957 Chrysler 300C Story

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The "adjustment" phase set in after November, 2003 and a fabulous "Coming Out" party being held to introduce Mopsy to family, colleagues, and friends who were so curious as to what was going on with her for the several months of restoration activity. It was amazing that the whole process took longer than the restoration! Or was it a crucial part of the restoration? A few oversites on my part lead to major work during this time. Not having the torque convertor refurbished at the time of the transmission rebuild caused 47 years of metal filings to transit into the transmission requiring a complete rebuild (AGAIN!). The same tunnel vision regarding not flushing the steering box prior to installing the rebuilt power steering pump caused the pump to quit after 2000 miles and being sent this time to Gary Nelson to be rebuilt (AGAIN!). Then there were just a few areas of substandard work or cheap new parts that necessitated replacement with ones of better quality such as the mufflers (lousy baffles broke making the exhaust sytem sound like a cacaphony of tambourines) and the clock needing to be rebuilt because the resetting pin arrangement was a "Rube Goldberg" job requiring a Jeff Carter refurbishment for the second go around. In total seventeen months transpired to get Mopsy to the point of being a superb driving machine and having everything properly working and adjusted. It was remarkable that during this time period I entered her in a local car show and she came in First in Class and took Best of Show! This was just icing on the cake for me to spend the time, enrgy and money to get her to where she is now. Attending three Chrysler 300 Club International Meetings along the way bolstered my resolve and pointed out subtle things that I wanted to correct or fully restore. The "listen to inner voices theme prevailed" and lead me down a successful trail to resolution of every problem or obstacle along the way. On the evening of April 22, 2005 I performed the last item on my check-off list....installing the newly refurbished less than 30 minutes without scratching anything, cutting my hands, or taking two steps backward and mucking up something that had already been done. The neatest thing was that I happened to be wearing my Maine 300 Club Meeting sweatshirt while performing the work! The feeling of satisfaction was difficult to describe to jump in Mospy afterwards and driving with no rattles, the transmission shifting perfectly, the engine throbbing melodiously, the speedometer needle steady and not clicking, the clock keeping perfectly set time, the hood not shaking, the door staying shut, the directional signals cancelling when they should, the A/C being cold, no underbody leaks, the gas gauge functioning, the windows operating briskly, the seat going in 6 directions, the windshield wipers parking correctly, and all the while blasting GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY on the concealed CD player! The whole odessy has been fun, so much so, that it will be the only one I will ever take. Some day I will muster the courage to total up all the receipts! 300'ly, ROB KERN RESTORATION and ADJUSTMENT ACTIVITY - removed and refurbished torque convertor -rebuilt torqueflite transmission completely for second time -replaced mufflers for second time -installed rear disc brakes -installed rear A/C system -installed trinary A/C safety switch and condenser fan -converted to 108 amp alternator -replaced engine mounts -replaced transmission mount for second time -replaced belts again -rebuilt power steering pump for second time -flushed steering gear box -replaced Pittman shaft seal -replaced driver's door latch mechanism -removed paint on hood, trunk, rear fenders and quarter panels, and doors and corrected prior body repairs and repainted -"Swedish" cut driver's door to fit flush with rear quarter panel -realigned rear bumper -obtained 150 mph speedometer, had it refurbished and installed -obtained NOS speedometer cable and had installed and properly aligned -repainted all under hood, radiator, door sill and pillar areas and trunk concealed areas -replaced windshield wiper switch and wiper motor parking switch -rebuilt clock for second time with quartz movement -replaced directional signal switch ring with NOS part -replaced powerseat cable gear and transmission -rebuilt power brake booster bellows -repaired oil leak from engine to HVAC system -removed all windshield,rear window, and cowl stainless steel and had refinished and reinstalled -repaired and refinished rain gutter stainless steel trim -removed, repaired and reinstalled side fender stainless steel trim spears -replaced stainless stone shields with NOS -replaced brake louver side extension pieces with NORS -replaced side 300C medallion bezels with NORS -replaced tail light lenses with NOS -replaced upper and lower tail light chrome trim pieces with NOS -obtained and installed tail light extender to bumper gaskets -replaced inner door handles with NORS -replaced lower instrument chrome surround trim piece with NOS -replaced door wire looms and rubber grommets -removed door panels and replaced upper stainless trim pieces, re-bright-dipped anodized door filler pieces, rechromed arm rest to door panel filler pieces, and refinished lower stainless spear pieces and obtained and properly afixed stainless door panel front and rear screws -replaced dual fender mounted twin strut rear view mirrors with NORS by Jay Fisher -removed, rechromed, and reinstalled all vent window, door and rear quarter window chrome pieces. Replaced leather washers with new Bob Merrit ones during installation and replaced necessary weatherstripping gaskets and channel flocking. Re-aligned all windows to minimize wind noise and alleviate water leaks -replated chrome head light surround pieces -replated chrome power seat switch -replated all chrome power window switches and bezels -replaced power steering hoses -repaired, refurbished stainless and repainted all wheel covers -replaced stainless rear window molding clip -replaced parking brake shoes for second time -adjusted spark plug wire cover on driver's side to clear master brake cylinder housing -replaced seat belt retractors for second time -replaced optima battery (first one had defective cell) -replaced battery hold down bracket with NOS GRATITUDE TO: 300 club member: Gary Nelson Texoma friends: Ray Brown and Leo Neal

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