Part Two - Photo Page of Mopsy's Final Restoration Phase

Altus Rock-N-Rumble Best of Show - 5/05

power steering fluid cooler

new Metro Weatherstripping for 1/4 window

weatherstrip bolster

instrument knobs replated

refurbished wheelcover w/anti creep paint

new bumper bolts

refurbished gauges

repainted door sill and jamb

refurbished ash receiver

newly plated correct 300 door handle

new brake vent grill surrounds
CHRYSLER lettering, & front bumper

new front bumper and alignment

new rear bumper

new rear bumper & Jay Fisher outside mirrors

new rear bumper/tower rubber gaskets

new Legendary seat covers

repainted air cleaners & insulated model 900 cover

new blower motor and fender brace

new rear seat covers

new front seat covers

new rear view day/night mirror

Hope you enjoyed the photo report.