1965 Chrysler 300L 4 Speed Console
by Jeff Miklas

August 2020

Disassembly of the console from a 300L 4 speed. You may note this console has a wood grain decal on it. Some consoles didn't get that; some have a metal panel with raised lines. There were differences in the shifter boot used as well. About 108 L's were built with the 4 speed option.

4 speed console

Shifter Hump

Shifter Hump

Shifter Hump

Shifter Hump Underside

Top Plate

Top Plate - Underside

Tachometer, front

Tachometer, rear

Tachometer bezel, front

Tachometer bezel, rear

Top plate bezel

Top plate bezel underside

Wiring harness

Tach and sending unit

Shifter boot

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Top bezel - shifter boot mounting holes

Shifter boot in place

Shifter boot installed

Pictures of the other style console cover plate