300E or 300F hubcap construction

Here's a 300F hubcap -

And here's a view of the components that make up a hubcap :

  • the hubcap shell...

  • and the rest of the stuff.. : gear, retaining bolts, medallion and cardboard spacer.

    Here's a close-up look of the center.

    With any luck at all, when the three bolts are removed from the backside, the aluminium gear would come off, revealing this view:

    Please note the "dome" under the aluminium gear . It's an integral part of the hubcap shell !

    And, under the medallion, there's a cardboard washer

    If you have any luck at all, you will remove the three bolts, and everything will come apart as in these pictures ! If not, please click HERE to go back to the previous page, and read on...