How to separate the dome from the gear !

  • First, the plastic medallion is chiselled away...

    The medallion is removed, as well as the cardboard backing. This exposes the top of the "dome" .

    The next phase, and success of the whole operation revolved around devising the proper "tool" to push against the dome . Indeed, the top of the dome is not flat - it is "domed" ! Pushing on the upper edge would in effect expand it and make pressing it out impossible. There's a fine edge by the outer perimeter of the dome. That's where one has to push .

    Finding a suitable device proved to be a challenge. I settled on cutting up a fan pulley. It was the perfect size and diameter . Here's a view of the cut-up pulley, showing where it will fit...

    You can see the tight dimensions - the "Special Tool" must fit INSIDE the aluminium gear, as well !

    Finally, the fan spacer will serve as a handy object for the press to act on.

    Now, the gear is placed on the press...

    And the "special tool " put in place ...(picture is wrong, should show the fan spacer sitting on top of the Special Tool)

    Then - start pumping the handle and be ready for an explosion - the two parts are welded together by corrosion ! Eventually, they WILL pop apart . Noisily .

    Now all components can be restored, cleaned, polished, anodized, or whatever... that's another story !

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