Back Up Light Switch Repair Repair

by John Grady

Here you see two of the possibly problematic push button assemblies from Noel. The bottom one is stock the white disc is the backup switch. These get damaged by careless handling or unprotected storage. The exposed white disc terminals are very fragile and can be bent or broken or by tugging on wires. Pry the terminals off with screwdriver tip up against rivet. Do not pull on wires. Bent terminals can be carefully straightened, but pulling wires can break the white disc.

Check that the button slide strips are straight and slide free. The open end of forks can be closed up slightly to grab plastic buttons better but very careful there. Weatherstrip adhesive helps there too. Avoid the problem of the button end fell loose behind the panel somewhere.

The back up light switch toggle inside the white disc sticks at times. Although this image is upside down, put the fork points up and one drop of oil in on fork. Let the oil run down and it will free up the toggle.

Related, a drop if oil on each button return spring stops the common rust problem there and prevents sticky buttons. Before all this be sure both sides of the flat copper colored latch springs inside the box that hold the buttons in are intact. Half breaks off sometimes and the button barely stays in. A drop of oil at lock pivot rod location helps those lock too. If broken on one side you really cannot fix it.

Last, one of these button assemblies was perfect except for a totally broken back up light switch. Forget finding that part. I had found in past that you can mount a V3 micro switch as shown in green. You need that type / shape V3 actuator on the switch you buy. You must carefully locate and drill and tap a 4/40 hole as shown. I put weatherstrip cement under final mount. Slide the switch to adjust so it depresses the actuator in R all the way and then tighten it. It is shown in R position.

Rated 15 amps, this switch will last forever. I bend a very slight ramp on the sticking out Mopar metal tab to smooth the engagement, look closely. One tab of switch (NC) is cut off with dikes to avoid confusion. You can also mount V3 other way around for better wire direction and you can solder extension wires too.

Back up light problems are gone.

V3 switch is from All Electronics, a California overstock outfit or from Amazon or Ebay.