300F Wiper Switch Repair Repair

by John Grady

Here you see F wiper switch from Noel ( thank you ) with vacuum wash sender and rod removed; the stud held it. The right end of the black wash actuator rod has been broken off by about 1/4” trying by someone trying to remove black wash button. This often happens. That black button has to come off to get the knob shown off the wiper switch. I have found that button under the seat on a few cars!

The G is similar but uses an electric switch & pump, not Trico like the F.

So, using kit from forwardlookparts, you can either repair vacuum rod by splicing on directions are in that kit) or adapt a new V3 switch to F knob to allow an electric wash pump (with a different kit).

You can keep Trico tank on F by getting creative and putting universal pump hidden under the tank. Then the vacuum operated park /wash control “sync“ module can be removed from under dash wiper harness (the plugs left plug back in without it).

That Trico setup sometimes contributes to park / wiper malfunction etc on F as it takes over those functions while washing.

The second picture shows a wire soldered to the B (12v) feed terminal in anticipation of the V3 kit to supply 12 v to the switch and pump on an F.

Both kits include a new Delrin wash button that you can attach to the new rod at the end of install with a dot of weatherstrip cement. Mopar used a Tinnerman clip in the button that bit into plastic rod which is why it won’t come off and snaps rod. The rod cannot be metal as it passes through live parts of the switch in the center.

New push button and thru shaft

Rear view on V3 switch on 60 button.
Rod, switch, clip, aluminum and button are in the kit.

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