300J Coupe Trunk

Thanks to Carl Bilter for this information.

This scan is from the 1963 road test.

The trunk side panels are black vinyl over cardboard and
include a panel behind the rear seat.
A spare tire cover was not available on the 300J

The original trunk carpeting is a fairly thin gray and black weave
that covers the entire compartment. The current replacement material from
Gary Goers is very similar in appearance but the gray is slightly lighter.

Trunk mounted power antenna option code 371. Antenna is located on the passenger
side of the trunk compartment and should be mounted such that the antenna
will extend exactly vertical, not at an angle.

Trunk latch, painted body color

The jack is located in the in the upper trunk compartment behind the rear seat frame. The jack is placed under the spare tire and is painted flat silver gray and the jack ratchet mechanism is painted in medium-gloss black enamel. It is secured in two brackets that extend from the trunk floor and are painted body color. The jack base, lifting hook and wheel wrench are all painted in black medium-gloss enamel and are located on top of the spare tire and secured with the wing nut which is bare metal.

The trunk light is located above the spare tire. The original bulb type is 1003.
The trunk light switch is located on the driver's side trunk lip.

The jack instruction sheet is located on the driver's side trunk panel under the trunk hinge.
Mopar part number 2266303.