300K Coupe & Convertible Trunk

Thanks to John Holst for this information.

John's father bought this K brand new and it has remained in the family.
The trunk compartment is factory original. The spare tire appears to be the factory original with a one inch whitewall.
A carpeted spare tire cover was not available on the K.

The K could be factory equipped with several tire options. Standard on the non-ram K were 8.00x14 BSW tires (code 48). Standard on the ram-K were 8.50x14 BSW tires (code 50). Optional on the non-ram K were 8.00x14 WSW tires (code 49), 8.50x14 BSW tires (code 50), and 8.50x14 WSW tires (code 52). One source indicates that all factory A/C equipped cars defaulted to include "oversize" tires (presumably 8.50x14) unless "no" was specifcally checked on the order form. Optional on the ram K were 8.50x14 WSW tires (code52).

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The trunk side panels are black vinyl over cardboard. There is also a panel behind the rear seat in front of the crossmember. The trunk carpeting is a close-knit black loop weave. While similar to the interior carpeting in weave, it is NOT the same.

This car has the trunk mounted power antenna - option code 371. The antenna is located on the passenger side of the trunk compartment and should be mounted such that the antenna will extend exactly vertical, not at an angle.

The jack assembly is located in the in the upper trunk compartment behind the rear seat frame. The jack is placed under the spare tire and is painted flat silver gray and the jack ratchet mechanism is painted in medium-gloss black enamel. It is secured in two brackets that extend from the trunk floor and are painted body color.
The jack base, lifting hook and wheel wrench are all painted in black medium-gloss enamel and are located on top of the spare tire and secured with the wing nut which is bare metal.

The jack instruction sheet is located on the driver's side trunk panel under the trunk hinge. The trunk light is located above the spare tire. The original bulb type is 1004. The trunk light switch is located on the driver's side trunk lip.

These are the trunk hinges on the K coupe.

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These are the trunk hinges on the K convertible.

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Chris Pinder (the K MANIAC from Concord, California) sends this:
Here are pictures of the EXTREMELY unrestored and original trunk of my 300-K convertible. The sides and rear of the trunk have the standard cardboard pieces. The mat is one-piece molded rubber, not the felt carpet found in my hardtops or other 1964 Chryslers. My 300-K convertible was built September 1963. My 1964 300 convertible, built January 1964, had the same style rubber mat when I got it. I hope this helps.