Transmissions Unique to Letter Cars

This table comes from an article written by George Riehl in 2002.
See the article here.

1955 Powerflite


1956 Powerflite


1956 Torqueflite


1957 Torqueflite


1958 Torqueflite


1959 Torqueflite

#1854167 up to S/N 1285857

1959 Torqueflite

#1949267 after S/N 1285857

1960 Torqueflite


1961 Torqueflite


1962 Torqueflite


1963 Torqueflite

#2464426 (*)

1964 Torqueflite

#2464734 (4 bbl)

1964 Torqueflite

#2464735 (ram)

1965 Torqueflite

#2466113 up to S/N 1589110

1965 Torqueflite

#2466148 after S/N 1589110

(*): Carl Bilter writes:
For the last 33 years or so we have been reporting that the 300J transmission assembly part number is 2464426. That transmission number is correct for the 300J and was also used with the 1963 Dodge and Plymouth 426 Super Stock engines with automatic. 2464426 is the part number as listed in the 1963 parts manual issued on Jan. 3, 1964. However, that part number is a "change or addition" to the number issued in the earlier 1963 parts manuals, and I do not have access to earlier versions. We have evidence from several 300J owners who believe their transmission may be original to the car that indicates the original transmission assembly part number may have been 2408007. This part number was issued late in the 1962 model year and was used with the 1962 Dodge and Plymouth 413 Super Stock engines. The part number is stamped on the oil pan rail edge on the drivers side of the transmission. So if you fellas have a J transmission stamped 2408007, don't assume it is the wrong tranny! Also, some of the pans may have a drain plug like those used in 1962 and some may not.